Tony Cockrell - Rooster Doodle

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This is a collection of drawings from an ongoing project that started in earnest during the summer of 2006. All the drawings here are of animals and they are all drawn from life. Catagorized into themes and presented bare, as-they-are, documentations of an encounter.

The drawings are awaiting someone like you to chose a drawing or drawings that you enjoy, contact me to discuss what you would like. From that point I make a print of the drawing and create a one-of-a kind finished art work for you. Examples can be seen on the Illustration Work page. It is also possible to pick one drawing and I can make many variations from that one drawing. If you have any questions please contact me.

"When we see a bird on a wire, does it truly impact our senses? Tony Cockrell's sketches and paintings of wildlife capture the real-time essence of the moment. Through his personal and creative interpretation of these creatures innate presence, he is able to draw the viewer closer to the brink of the sensation of the original impression. The allure of nature is authentically reflected in Cockrell's playful and colorful imagery. The character of his art must be appreciated by those taking the time to breathe the ambiance of the instant of the illustration." — Jim Crowley